In general we work on request. We have a selective group of trusted suppliers that we work with in order to see or we can fullfill your needs.

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4MedChem is willing to assist in sourcing for you the right supplier with the QMS that is needed for your product.

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Welcome to 4MedChem

4MedChem has been an experienced Medical Device raw material supplier for Class-3 Medical Device producers since many years understanding the need for precise and high quality required by ISO13485 (related) standards, combined with a proven supply track record. 4MedChem also assists start-ups to meet the requirements in their QMS in relation to chemicals. With more than 25 years of experience in supplying specialty chemicals we have a huge network of partners for gram till hundreds of kilogram scale to connect you directly.

4MedChem is al vele jaren een ervaren leverancier van grondstoffen voor producenten van medische hulpmiddelen klasse 3 en begrijpt de behoefte aan nauwkeurige en hoge kwaliteit vereist door ISO13485-normen. Als bedrijf helpt 4MedChem ook start-ups om te voldoen aan de eisen in hun QMS met betrekking tot chemicaliën. Met meer dan 25 jaar ervaring in het leveren van speciale chemicaliën hebben we een enorm netwerk van partners van gram tot honderden kilo’s.

Recently we have added a new task to our portfolio: With we want to deliver the highest grade monomeric material for the synthesis of bio(degradable)polymers.

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